Gambia returns to the Commonwealth


The Gambia has just rejoined the Commonwealth, almost five years after its withdrawal under former president Yahya Jammeh.

It should be recalled that the former president described this organization as a “neocolonial institution”.

The Commonwealth often denounced the human rights violations in The Gambia, which he directed with an iron fist for 22 years.

The return of the country to the Commonwealth will be formalized this Thursday 08 February 2018, in London, the headquarters of the organization consists of fifty states, most of which are former colonies of Britain.

Adama Barrow, who runs The Gambia since January 2017, has requested the readmission of his country shortly after he took office early 2017.

The Gambia becomes the fourth country to return to the Commonwealth, after South Africa, Pakistan and Fiji.

The current president seeks to improve relations between The Gambia and Western governments and to obtain the necessary funds to fight against poverty and unemployment.


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