A new head office for Insurance Ghana



Kacou DiagouNSIA Insurance Ghana limited has inaugurated its new corporate head-office at Tesano last week. The new head-office building was in fact converted from two separate private residences.

Present at the inaugural ceremony were some top management members from the NSIA Group from Cote D’Ivoire, Benin, Togo, Senegal, Congo, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali and Gabon. At the ceremony was also chairman of the Group, Jean Kacou Diagou; Bene Lawson, Group Managing Director insurance; and Ms Janine Diagou, Group Managing Director Banking Sector.

From the local scene were Lydia Lariba Bawa, Commissioner of Insurance, National Insurance Commission (NIC); Managing Directors of direct underwriting and brokerage companies; and clients of NSIA.

Linda Osei Akoto, Managing Director, NSIA Ghana, described the physical transformation of the premises as a strong resemblance to the growth and transformation of Group NSIA itself over the last 16 years.

Source: Spy Ghana


  1. Good job.
    When are you going to privatize the company? I am looking forward so both of us can make even more money. Thank you. Please, have a close eye on Abidjan operations. things start falling apart step by step. The customer service is not at its best, particularly in NSIA/brokerage(Finance) area. thank you.


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