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Kenya, after a peaceful election… there’s a cloud on the horizon


Newly elected President Uhuru Kenyatta (After a peaceful election and a rebound in growth, investor confidence in Kenya looks likely to rise. What’s more, barring political shocks and droughts, the Kenyan economy should grow robustly, in Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services view. However, political risks loom.


There’s a cloud on the horizon in the form of International Criminal Court (ICC) indictments against the recently elected president Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice president William Ruto.

Main points:

  • ·         The recent elections held in Kenya in March went smoothly, with no repeat of the violence witnessed at the last election.


  • ·         Nevertheless, the International Criminal Court indictment of the new president and vice-president remains a key risk.


  • ·         Barring a political shock or drought, we believe the economy will grow steadily, with real GDP growth of about 5% in 2013.


Source: S&P

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