Approval for Maroc Telecom share buyback


The Conseil Deontologique des Valeurs Mobilières of Morocco  (CDVM)  informs the public that it has approved, on the 4 th of April 2014, a  prospectus relating to the share buyback program launched by ITISSALAT  AL-MAGHRIB in order to regulate its stock market.The main characteristics of the program are as follows:  ▪ Maximum number of shares to be held: 1 500 000 shares, (corresponding to 0,17% of the capital stock); ▪ Maximum purchasing price per share: 135 DH; ▪ Minimum selling price per share: 70 DH; ▪ Program’s duration: 18 months starting the 5 th of May 2014. This program will be submitted for authorization to the ordinary general  meeting, which will be held on April the 22 th, 2014.


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