Consultative meeting on African Corridor Management Alliance


 The ECA’s African Trade Policy Center (ATPC), in conjunction with the African Corridor Management Alliance (ACMA), is organizing a meeting on the validation of the “ACMA Charter and Legal Framework” from 5-6 September 2013 in Addis Ababa. 
The objective of the meeting is to bring together the leaders of key corridor management institutions in Africa that have experience in the development and management of corridors to provide their input towards the finalization of the framework. The development and management of transport corridors is an integral and critical part of trade facilitation strategies and reforms. The goal of a corridor is to promote both internal and external trade by providing more efficient transport and logistics services through reduction in transit times, cost of shipping goods, as well as improved services and infrastructure along the corridor.
The key objectives of establishing the ACMA include:
·        Collaboration and Information sharing
·        Exchange and promotion of best practices
·        Capacity building
·        Informing policy formulation
·        Identify and respond to financial needs of the Corridor Management Institutions
·        Identify and respond to technical needs of the Corridor Management Institutions
·        Monitoring & Evaluation and Peer Review
Transport corridor operations in Africa are characterized by long transit times and high cost, making doing business on the continent very expensive. The result is a negative impact on the ability of African firms to compete globally.
The development of transport infrastructure and removal of non-tariff barriers along all corridors of Africa is critical for trade expansion and regional integration. In this regard the role of corridor management institutions in addressing these challenges is paramount. That is why the ATPC has initiated the establishment of a strategic African Corridor Management Alliance (ACMA).


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