Marocco-AFDB: royal distinction


BAD Amani décorationOn the occasion of Fête du Trône (Coronation Day) 2013, and in the presence of HE President of Senegal, members of government, diplomates, members of the royal family and highest ranked dignitaries of Morocco, HM Mohamed VI of Morocco has graced Ms Amani ABOU-ZEID, resident representative of the African Development Bank, with the decoration “Wissam Alaouite de l’Ordre Officier”.
The Wissam Alaouite was created by Sultan MOULAY YOUSSEF on 11 January 1913. On its face, the medal bears the inscription “Sa Majesté Chérifienne الجلالة الشريفة” in arabic, and on its tail it bears the Parasol Chérifien — symbol of power of the Moroccan Sultan.
The Wissam Alaouite is the equivalent of the l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur in France.
The distinction or decoration is awarded to non-morocan ministers, diplomates or personalities who rendered iminent services to the Kingdom


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