Marrakech Forum Economique africain: agenda du mardi 14 octobre


This press conference will focus on the following two themes

i)  State of private equity in Africa and its potential as an alternative source of investment, economic growth and job creation

ii) Domestic resource mobilization: challenges and opportunities



        Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, High Commissioner for Planning, Morocco

Stephen Karingi, Director, Regional Integration and Trade Division, ECA

Symerre Grey Johnson, Head of Partnership and Resource Mobilization Division, NEPAD, Midrand, South Africa.

H.E. Kaba Nialé, Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Economy and Finance, Abidjan, Côte-d’Ivoire. Prof. Machiko Nissanke, Professor of Economics. SOAS Director, Research and Recommendations programme, London, England

     Ijeoma Agboti, Group Chief Executive, Abraaj Group, Nairobi, Kenya




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