Working Session in Rabat between COP22 steering committee and UNFCCC

Richard Kinley, Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC.


Rabat, August 18, 2016- The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the COP22 President Salaheddine Mezouar opened a two-day working session this morning in Rabat with Richard Kinley, Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, accompanied by fellow senior staff including James Grabert, Director, Sustainable Development Mechanisms and Nick Nuttall, Director, Communications and Outreach.


This working session between the COP22 steering committee and UNFCCC senior management is in preparation for COP22 that will take place in Marrakech, November 7-18.2016.  The objective of the meeting is to harmonize and refine the collaboration between the two bodies and strengthen the political momentum in the lead up to Marrakech.


The two-day session will focus on areas such as the role of the COP22 Presidency and the UNFCCC, the conference agenda and key messages to share in order to reach the priorities and objectives set for COP22.  These priorities include the accelerated ratification of the Paris Agreement, strengthening the mobilization of state and non-state actors in the global climate action agenda, as well as the support for negotiations with the goal of achieving concrete solutions and important projects that will serve populations in their human sustainable development.


Minister Mezouar underscored that the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, together with the strength of all stakeholders, is committed, mobilized and determined to make COP22 an important moment and impactful step in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.


Mr. Richard Kinley Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC welcomed the level of collaboration with the Kingdom of Morocco for the success of this second COP organized in Morocco.  He also saluted the commitment of Moroccan diplomacy and its experienced and professional network as well as the national environmental and energy policies that honor the Kingdom and place it at the forefront of climate change and environmental issues.   All of these elements according to Mr. Kinley position the Marrakech conference for success.


Other members of the COP22 steering committee participating in the two-day work session include Commissioner, Abdeladim Lhafi, Minister in charge of the Environment and High-Level Climate Champion for Morocco, Hakima El Haite, Ambassador for Multilateral Negotiations, Ambassador Aziz Mekouar, in addition to other heads of divisions within the COP22 committee.




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