Casablanca, Tunis and Abidjan, three Stock Exchanges on bench testing


-Capitalization: Casablanca (1st), Abidjan (2nd), Tunis (3rd)

– Performance: Abidjan (1st), Tunis (2nd), Casablanca (3rd)

– Transactions: Casablanca (1st), Tunis (2nd), Abidjan (3rd)

– Liquidity: Tunis (1st), Casablanca (2nd), Abidjan (3rd) From the beginning of the year to July 15th, Casablanca Stock Exchange recorded a volume of transactions of 21.154 billion dirhams (2.13 billion dollars) in progression of 1.79%. The two key market indicators of the place, MASI composite) and the MADEX, increase respectively from 0.56 and 1.14% for a market capitalization of 493 billion. The liquidity ratio arises to 4.3%. Since the beginning of the year, the Abidjan Stock Exchange saw its volume transactions to roughly leap of 28% to 20 billion FCFA, that is to say 33 million dollars.

On the period, the market capitalization of the African Western union Economic and Monetary’s stock briskly crossed one higher of 7,000 billion FCFA (11.5 billion dollars), in rise of 11.32% since January 2nd, 2015. The liquidity of the place, formed formed by the ratio between trading volume and market capitalization, arises to 0.28%.

As for Tunis Stock Exchange, it continued its rise crossing a record of the 5,700 points, in rise of 12%. In strong progression in spite of a light inflection following terrorist attack of Bardo, trading volume reached 1028 million DT (520 million dollars) returning on the level of 2012. As for capitalization, it reached 19,301 million DT (9.7 billion dollars). The liquidity ratio arises to 5.3%.


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