Veolia wins contract to improve Guinea Conakry electricity grid


Veolia has won a four-year performance contract for a value of EURO 11.3 Million to provide electricity management services to Electricité de Guinée (EDG). This contract, awarded to Veolia through its subsidiary Veolia Africa, follows the Guinea Conakry’s government strategy to support the recovery of the electricity market through an ambitious modernization plan launched in 2012. Within the framework of this contract, Veolia will improve the management of facilities, the efficiency of the energy distribution network and the expansion of the network within the country.

Key specific areas will be covered: customer relationship management, technical performance, planning – operations & maintenance of installations, financial stewardship, human resources management, procurement and inventory management.

Veolia will provide EDG with experienced operational staff to oversee operations and with experts to bring complementary expertise to specific projects, such as IT systems, and improvement of the operational performance.

Veolia and EDG staff will work together to co-manage the public company based on key performance indicators to ensure in full transparency the implementation of this strategic project.


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