African Leaders sign declaration of OAU/AU 50 th anniversary


The African Union Heads of State and Government (AU), solemnly signed on Sunday in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), during their 21th Summit, the declaration of the fiftieth anniversary of the OAU/AU.

African leaders reaffirmed in this declaration, their commitment to the Pan-Africanism ideals and Africa aspiration for “greater unity”. They also reaffirmed their “determination” to build an integrated, a prosperous and peaceful Africa driven by its citizens and representing a dynamic force, including those of equality between men and women and a union of peoples.

AU Member States reaffirmed their ” unflinching believe ” in their common destiny, Shared Values and commit to the development of the African identity; the celebration of unity in diversity and the institution of the African citizenship. As part of advancing the African identity, they will promote and harmonize the teaching of African history in all schools and educational institutions in Africa.

They also confirmed the commitment to Africa’s political, social and economic integration agenda, and in this regard speed up the process of realizing the objectives of the African Economic Communities (RECs), and undertake steps towards the construction of a united and integrated Africa.

Building on existing commitments and instruments, AU Member States undertake in particular the speedy implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area, free movement of people and goods, with focus on integrating local and regional markets, and they realize progress on the construction of a united Africa through the implementation of their common continental governance, democracy and human rights frameworks and move with speed towards the integration and merger of the RECs as the building blocks of the Union.

Africa Union Heads of State and Governments have expressed their “determination to achieve the goal of a conflict-free Africa to make peace a reality for all African people and to clear the continent of wars, civil conflicts, human rights violations, humanitarian disasters and violent conflicts.”


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